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Dosing Info – Nature Nootropics

Dosing Info

We want you to be extremely responsible and cognizant of ingesting the right dose, as our mission at Nature Nootropics is to help you heal, have a healthier mental state, and enjoy your life. If you review Our products and packaging, dosing has been critical to our brand identity and mission to educate our consumers on what to expect and ensure no one takes a wrong dose of psilocybin mushrooms by mistake. It is essential to add that the same dose can have dissimilar intensity effects on different people.

We recommend you to never ingest more than 5 grams of dry psilocybin mushrooms (or equivalent dose in other derivatives/formats) in one take. A normal macro dose of psilocybin mushrooms is 2.5 to 3.5 grams. Micro-dosing means to take a miniscule/non intoxicating dose to achieve the benefits to one’s health. It is the administration of low doses that will not provide a psychoactive effect but is high enough for a cellular response and positive outcome. A valid dose for microdosing is between 75 mg to 250mg of dried psilocybin mushrooms according to daily protocol. There are a few known microdosing protocols proposed by James Fadiman, Paul Stamets and The Third Wave educational platform. Refer below!

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